About Athena IAS PCS

We at Athena Multiskills have spent a lifetime in the civil service. We are thus in a position to guide you through the intricacies of the recruitment process, by helping you prepare in a meticulous manner to crack early the UPSC exam.

We give you absolutely down to earth guidance on a day to day basis in order to widen your horizons. Perspectives really matter the most. Learning all the dimensions of Indian’s socio-economic complexities requires a mature outlook.

UPSC is an iconic institution. It was established 92 years ago in 1926. You have to understand very clearly that it can see through superficial knowledge gained by reading high school level NCERT books and G.K. guide books.

There are no shortcuts to success in life. The UPSC Civil Service Exam is one of the toughest Civil Service entry exams in the world. You have to first develop the capacity to read widely and comprehensively across all disciplines.

More than 10 lakh aspirants register annually for this exam. Out of them, just about 6 lakhs actually do appear for the Prelims. But, only about 14,000 clear the Prelims. This is about 14 times the actual number of Group ‘A” vacancies advertised.

Out of the 14,000 aspirants who appear for the Mains, just about 4000 aspirants- 4 times the number of actual vacancies –would be called for the interviews. One out of four will make it. It is indeed a tough journey.

If you join our coaching we would need about one year to help you build up your knowledge levels, as also your mental capacity to analyze complex situations which affect our country and society. We do it through individual customization.

Our fees for all this effort, stretching for a period of one year and more is Rs. 80,000/-. However, to ease the financial burden, it is to be paid in three different stages as you pass each stage in this three tier process.

The fees only for the period up to the Prelims, to be held in June 2019, is Rs. 50,000-. It is to be paid in 5 equal instalments is sucession, without any break, from the month you join. Rebate of 20% is given for advance payment.

Even though the coaching for the optional subject for the Mains would be started by us in October this year itself, the fees of Rs. 20,000/- need be paid, in just two installments, only after you have actually cleared the Prelims. This will help you.

Once you clear the Mains, you would get about two months to prepare for the interview. It is only at this stage that you would have to pay the balance amount of Rs. 10,000/- before the coaching is started for the same and continues till interview.

Thus, we provide the most intensive and wide ranging coaching for the civil service exams on the easiest possible financial terms in order to enable talented aspirants with very modest financial background .

All that we would expect from the aspirants is that they may like to join here only after they are assured of the full support of their family to pay the installments of the due date. Our model of teaching needs timely payments.